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Who we are

CONFITARMA –Italian Shipowners’Association

Heir to a shipping company and shipowners’ trade association tradition that dates back to the start of the century, CONFITARMA – the Italian Shipowners’ Confederation – represents more than nine tenths of the Italian merchant fleet. Its members include shipping companies and shipowners’ groups that operate in all the different sectors of cargo and passenger transport, as well as in the cruise sector and in the supply of auxiliary traffic services.

CONFITARMA pursues the following objectives: promoting the growth of the Italian merchant marine fleet under a policy that exploits the full potential of maritime transport; representing the shipping industry in dealings with political and administrative authorities, as well as with any public or private bodies, on both the national and international levels; signing labour-union and economic agreements, as well as collective bargaining contracts; representing and defending the interests of its members with regard to labour-union and economic issues of both general and specific interest; and providing information and consulting services to members.

CONFITARMA is a member of the Italian General Confederation of Industry - CONFINDUSTRIA and the National Federation of Systems and Modes of Transport and Connected Activities - FEDERTRASPORTO. Has representatives sitting on the National Council of Economics and Labour - CNEL and the Maritime Social Security Institute - IPSEMA, and it is also one of the founding members of the Italian Maritime System Federation - FEDERAZIONE DEL MARE and the Italian Short Sea Shipping Promotion Office. Moreover cooperate with:

  • BIMCO – Baltic and International Maritime Council
  • CENSA – Council of European and Japanese Shipowners Association
  • ICS – International Chamber of Shipping
  • ISF – International Shipping Federation
  • IMO – International Maritime Organization

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