ECSA insists that the only and most economically sensible future is for the EU and the UK to remain an integrated and seamless shipping centre

Brexit discussions have brought to the forefront how interrelated EU-UK supply and logistics chains are. Maintaining the fluidity of EU-UK trade must therefore be a priority. Shipping companies are part and parcel of this smooth-running business reality. In addition, mutual market access to provide maritime services, in areas such as the offshore supply sector and regular domestic trades, is imperative in sustaining those close relations going forward.

“European shipowners strongly believe the current interconnection of companies and services across both sides of the Channel should be preserved to ensure the well-functioning of both the EU/EEA and UK economies. It is essential that we secure the fluidity of trade, continued market access and easy movement of staff and passengers, while maintaining the current level playing field between the EU and the UK,” said Martin Dorsman, ECSA’s Secretary General.

On the eve of the UK leaving the EU, ECSA calls for both EU and UK regulators to continue the current close alignment on shipping issues, and emphasises the importance of including maritime transport in the upcoming trade negotiations.

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