In this issue: EMSA holds in-country open day at Naples Shipping Week; Crises, Challenges & Competitiveness: the three Cs of Maritime CYPRUS 2022; “The Voice of the Industry” this year’s theme at the Malta Maritime Summit; Drawing lessons from navigation accidents involving passenger, cargo & service ships; Equasis efforts to promote maritime safety and quality continue as editorial board gathers in Istanbul; EMSA RPAS crossing borders in support of search and rescue operations; EMSA holds CISE virtual open day and webinar for industry; EMSA participates in fact-finding mission to Montenegro; Accident Investigation bodies further cooperation; EMSA pays visit to on shore power supply project in Malta; Responding to maritime incidents involving Hazardous and Noxious Substances transported in Bulk; Port State Control Officers gather in Lisbon for refresher seminar; EMSA joins SMM trade fair in Hamburg on theme of “Driving the maritime transition”.