Young Shipowners Group


The Young Shipowners Group was established in 1995 in compliance with the Confitarma’s Statute, with the following purposes:

  • promoting awareness of the ethical and social role of free enterprise and the resulting entrepreneurial responsabilities;
  • exploring broader strategic topics related to the shipping industry and the maritime system as a whole;
  • contributing to a constant adaptation of Confitarma to the new demands of the shipping industry, with regard to the dynamics of the economic and social context;
  • encouraging the training of new management recruits to shipping companies and related membership activities

The Young Shipowners Group comprises over 60 members, including shipowners, sons of shipowners, managers and employees directly engaged in the enterprises represented by Confitarma and coming from about 50 member companies.

The Young Shipowners are actively involved in the life of the Confederation: the president is a statutory member of the Board and the Executive Committee of Confitarma; the members of the Board participate in the Advisory Committees on issues related to the shipping industry and the maritime system.

The Young Shipowners also participate assiduously in the working groups of the ECSA.


President: Salvatore d’Amico
Vice Presidents: Giovanni Cinque – Marialaura Dell’Abate – Vittorio Morace
Councilors: Andrea Cavo – Lorenzo d’Amico – Giovanni Filippi – Filippo Gavarone – Nicolò Iguera – Giulia Palazzeschi – Andrea Poliseno
Past President: Giacomo Gavarone
Secretary: Esther Daniela Marchetti


Web site:
phone: +390667481235